Meet our expert Speakers

Learn more about our wide array of conference speakers below — from FEA’s own top-tier analysts to carefully curated guests from around the globe. Meet the experts:

  • Day 1
    Brendan Lowney Principal, Macroeconomics, FEA

    Brendan Lowney

    Brendan is a Principal of Forest Economic Advisors LLC, the premier source for North American wood products analysis and information. […]

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    Principal, TimberLink LLC

    Tracy Buran Evens

    Tracy, along with her partner Gary A. Myers, owns TimberLink LLC. Her firm has served a diverse group of clients […]

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    Senior Resource Consultant, Sewall Forestry & Natural Resource Consulting

    Peter D’Anieri

    Peter D’Anieri has worked for Sewall since 2017, after many years in forest investment management. His responsibilities at Sewall include […]

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    Managing Director, Economic Research and Analysis,
    Timberland Investment Resources (TIR)

    Chung-Hong Fu

    Chung-Hong Fu is a founding member and partner of Timberland Investment Resources, a timberland investment management organization based in Atlanta, […]

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    Senior Vice President, Portfolio Management, Rayonier

    W. Rhett Rogers

    Rhett was appointed Senior Vice President, Portfolio Management in March 2023, having previously served as Vice President, Portfolio Management since […]

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    Senior Director, Economic Research,
    Manulife Investment Management

    David Fortin

    David leads the timberland and agriculture economic research team where he is responsible for the market analysis supporting investment and […]

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    President and CEO, Forest Investment Associates

    Mike Cerchiaro

    Mike Cerchiaro joined Forest Investment Associate (FIA) in 2004 and serves as President and CEO of the firm, which is […]

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    Partner, Aldo de Cresci Advocacia Forestal

    Aldo de Cresci

    Aldo de Cresci Neto is the founding partner of Aldo de Cresci Advocacia Forestal, a São Paulo–based law firm focusing […]

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    Head of Forestry and Climate Solutions,
    Eversheds Sutherland

    Victor Haley

    Victor Haley leads the Eversheds Sutherland Forestry & Climate Solutions group. He is recognized as a leading authority in timberland […]

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    Rocky Goodnow Vice President, Timber, FEA

    Rocky Goodnow

    Rocky is Vice President of North American Timber Service at Forest Economic Advisors LLC. In this role, Rocky is responsible […]

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    Paul Jannke Principal, Lumber, FEA

    Paul F. Jannke

    Paul is a Principal of Forest Economic Advisors LLC, the premier source for North American wood products analysis and information. […]

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  • Day 2
    Partner, Dasos Capital

    Tapani Pahkasalo

    Tapani Pahkasalo is a Partner at Dasos Capital and a natural capital investment professional with extensive forestry field experience across […]

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    Managing Director and Partner, BTG Pactual; Head, BTG Pactual Timberland Investment Group

    Gerrity Lansing

    Gerrity is a Managing Director and Partner of BTG Pactual, responsible for the Timberland Investment Group (TIG) and International Private […]

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    Managing Director, Timberland and Innovative Wood Products, Jamestown, L.P.

    Troy Harris

    Troy is the Managing Director of Timberland and Innovative Wood Products at Jamestown. He has 30 years of experience in […]

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    Director, DANA (NZ) Ltd

    Dennis Neilson

    Dennis Neilson is a Director of the New Zealand–based forest industry advisory, publishing, and conference and industry tour organizing company […]

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    Executive Chair, New Forests

    David Brand

    David Brand founded New Forests in 2005. He is Executive Chair of New Forests’ Board of Directors and the Chair […]

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    Co-Founder & President, Enviva

    Thomas Meth

    Thomas Meth is a co-founder and President of Enviva Inc. (Enviva), a global renewable energy company specializing in sustainable wood […]

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    Managing Director, Head of Business Development and Sustainability, Forest Investment Associates

    MaryKate Bullen

    MaryKate Bullen leads Business Development and Sustainability Team for Forest Investment Associates (FIA), a specialist investment manager, leveraging more than […]

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    Senior Vice President of Biomass Strategy, Drax

    Arabella Freeman

    Arabella is the Senior Vice President of Biomass Strategy at Drax Group and is responsible for the strategy development and […]

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    Managing Director, Suzano Americas

    Guilherme Melhado Miranda

    Guilherme Melhado Miranda is a seasoned professional in the forest, pulp, and paper industry, celebrated for his unwavering dedication to […]

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    International Timberland and Wood Products Advisor

    Robert Flynn

    Robert Flynn has spent more than 45 years in the forest products industry, including 10 years as a forester and […]

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