Director, DANA (NZ) Ltd

Dennis Neilson

Dennis Neilson is a Director of the New Zealand–based forest industry advisory, publishing, and conference and industry tour organizing company DANA (NZ) Limited.

Dennis had previous experience in almost all aspects of the forestry and forest products sector working for Fletcher Challenge, and he regularly travels overseas to update his information base on the industry. He has been a director of a listed forest investment company, a TIMO, a eucalyptus plantation–owning company, and a woodchip export company.

Dennis worked with Goldman Sachs and travelled to the United States in 1990 to meet several of the then-few pension funds invested in timberlands and attracted six of them to undertake the first institutional timberland investment outside of the United States (New Zealand in 1992). He has since advised and formed joint venture partnerships with American companies investing in New Zealand forests.

Dennis has authored/co-authored twelve editions of the New Zealand Forest Industry Sector Review and has acted for investors seeking forest investments in Australia, as well as organizing several conferences and regular forestry field trips in Australia and New Zealand.

Dennis has also co-authored five editions of the Global Tree Farm Economics Review, covering 50 countries and 100 plantation forestry economics “case studies” and continues to advise clients on this topic.

Dennis has organized/co-organized conferences, field trips, and industry tours to visit forests and wood processing facilities in Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, Scotland, Hungary, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and South Africa.

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