Editor, China Bulletin, FEA

Jane Guo

Based in our office in Beijing, Jane has two years of work experience in wood products manufacturing and many years of experience in international consulting work.

Previously a manager for a Chinese-based consulting firm, Jane forged valuable connections with hundreds of quality Chinese suppliers, while having the opportunity to work closely with many international firms, providing them with marketing, translation and research related services.

Jane has acquired a strong background in the Chinese wood products industry and is current with trends and issues in international wood products trade. As a project organizer and highly accomplished translator, she has visited hundreds of wood processing plants together with Russ Taylor and Gerry Van Leeuwen over the last decade. The focus of her work for FEA is providing high quality consulting services to international companies interested in connecting with buyers, sourcing suppliers, exploring opportunities and/or investing in China.

Jane graduated from China Beijing Forestry University in 1999, majoring in Wood Science and Technology.

Jane can be reached at jguo@getfea.com.

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