Managing Director, Polar Timber

Esa Mikkonen

Esa has spent his entire career in the forest industry. Esa’s background comes from large Finnish forest product groups, with whom he has worked in various sales and production-related posts. The global nature of the business has meant travels and contacts not only in Europe but also Africa, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas.

Although he is from Finland, Esa has spent most of his career working abroad. He has been involved in different parts of the value chain, providing valuable knowledge and experience. Today, Esa runs a wood product sales company Polar Timber, representing several leading producers—mainly in the UK and Ireland.

Esa is also a Senior Lecturer of Wood Technology at LAB University in Lahti, Finland. Furthermore, he is actively involved in organizing distant education in Wood Product Business for corporations, universities, etc., so anyone interested in the Global Wood Academy should reach out.

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