Director, DANA (NZ) Ltd

Dennis Neilson

Dennis Neilson is a Director of the New Zealand–based forest industry advisory, publishing, and conference and industry tour organizing company DANA (NZ) Limited.

Dennis has had previous experience in almost all aspects of the forestry and forest products sector working for Fletcher Challenge, and he regularly travels overseas to update his information base on the industry. He has been a director of a public forest investment company, a TIMO, a eucalyptus plantation–owning company, and a woodchip export company.

He has co-authored 32 annual editions of the International Woodchip Trade Review and has co-organized 10 International Woodchip Trade Conferences in Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Australia, Singapore (4 times), Turkey, and South Africa. In addition, he is co-organizing events in Brazil and Singapore in 2024.

Dennis has also organized field trips and forest industry tours in Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, Hungary, China (5 times), South Africa, Vietnam, and Thailand.

From 1997 to 2016, he co-authored five editions of the Global Tree Farm Economics Review and continues to advise international clients on this topic.

Dennis has a Bachelor’s in Forestry from Canterbury University in New Zealand and a Master’s in Forest Engineering from Oregon State University.

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