Growing Alberta’s Forest Sector Amendment Act 2020 Passes First Reading in Provincial Legislature

The new Growing Alberta’s Forest Sector Amendment Act 2020 has passed its first reading in the provincial legislature. The bill would replace the existing Forests Act, which has not been updated since 1971. The new bill, if approved, would bring the Forest Acts up to date and help meet the current issues and realities of Alberta’s forest sector. The Forests Act provides for and defines the powers to establish regulations related to forestry and allows for the approval of the right to harvest Crown timber or forest tenure. Bill sponsor Devin Dreeshen, the minister of agriculture and forestry said. “A properly managed forest protects wildlife habitat, supports tens of thousands of jobs and reduces the risk of disease and forest fires which threaten our communities. If passed, the changes will support the Forest Jobs Action Plan and red tape reduction – two key government commitments.

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Bill to update Alberta’s Forests Act passes first reading