Forestry New South Wales Working to Plant Millions of Seedlings to Replace Trees Burned in Bushfires

Forestry New South Wales (NSW) Australia is on an ambitious program to plant 13 million seedlings into plantations destroyed during the Black Summer Bushfires of 2019 – 2020 across the state. More than 3 million pine seedlings are being planted in the Bombala plantations on the Far South Coast as part of the corporation’s annual replanting program.

The seedling program was designed to keep the forestry cycle going by planting a new tree for everyone harvested for renewable timber. From time of planting to the first thinning is approximately 15 – 18 years, with trees reaching full maturity in 3+ decades.

Forestry NSW hopes that the seedling planting program will lead to additional timber availability in the future. However, currently a severe shortage in timber is real problem nationwide.

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