Russ Taylor


Russ Taylor’s career in the forest industry began in 1974 and has encompassed forestry, manufacturing, marketing and consulting positions. Russ gained hands-on expertise in marketing lumber and specialty products throughout North America and overseas, holding positions in sales, marketing, custom cutting and remanufacturing.
As an established forest industry consultant and analyst, Russ combined his two leading edge companies in 2005 to create International WOOD MARKETS Group Inc. His global consulting expertise lies in such areas as strategic and business planning, product and market development and global marketing analysis.

He is a recognized expert in market and strategy development for commodity and specialty wood products, forecasting (supply, demand, prices 1-20 years), benchmarking and strategic planning. Russ is responsible for hundreds of published articles and multi-client reports, and is a sought-after speaker with well over 250 presentations delivered in over 20 countries.

Russ can be reached at 604-801-5996 or