Marcy Nicholson

Senior Editor

Marcy is a Senior Editor at Forest Economic Advisors LLC. Her primary role is to add on-the-ground reporting to help fortify FEA’s data-driven analytical work.
Marcy works on various writing projects at FEA including: the Wood Markets Monthly newsletter, the Global Log and Lumber Service, FEA Spotlights, FEA News, as well a variety of single and multi-client reports.
Prior to joining FEA, Marcy worked as a journalist for 20 years, starting in an OSB-making town in northern British Columbia, Canada. She spent the bulk of her career in New York reporting for Reuters News, where she developed a deep understanding of global commodity and financial markets, supply chains, and technical and fundamental analysis. She went on to expand her expertise when she moved to Calgary, Alberta, to write for The Globe and Mail, and then for Bloomberg News, where she led coverage on the lumber market at a time of unusual volatility during the pandemic.

Prior to becoming a journalist, Marcy worked as a teacher in Japan, South Africa, and Kenya. Between jobs, she cycle-toured around Tasmania and New Zealand, and traveled 4,000 miles by public transportation from the south of Africa to the east.

She was raised in a sawmill town on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada and now lives on its southern tip in Victoria, British Columbia. In her spare time, Marcy enjoys revisiting her favorite hiking trails and walking along the beach at sunrise.

Marcy can be reached at +1 250-217-7100 or by email at

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