Henry Spelter


Henry works on a variety of single- and multi-client projects and contributes to FEA’s Lumber Markets Status & Trends monthly publication.
His career has included three decades at the U.S. Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, WI where he was responsible for analysis of the lumber and panel industries.
He has authored over 100 reports covering developments in wood products markets, including a series of benchmark studies profiling the softwood lumber and structural panel sectors. He also developed an extensive model of North American lumber demand, as well as collaborating on a comprehensive analysis that examined the competitiveness of the U.S. forest products industry.

More recently, Henry co-authored an influential report entitled “North America’s Wood Pellet Sector”, which profiled the pellet industry and broke down capacity on a mill-by-mill basis. For six years he authored a continuing series of monthly commentaries on the wood products markets.

Henry began his career as a forestry assistant in the Cook County (Illinois) Forest Preserves, after which he spent four years with the consulting firm Data Resources Inc. in Lexington, MA where he was manager of the forest products FORSIM service.

Henry has wide consulting experience including assignments with the Pacific Northwest National Forests, the Commerce Department, the International Trade Representative’s office as well as many U.S. and Canadian forest products firms.

Henry can be reached at 978-727-4225 or hspelter@getfea.com.

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