Grand River Pellets Spending $30 Million on Capital Project to Increase Drying Capabilities

Grand River Pellets Ltd., located in St. Leonard, New Brunswick, is spending $30 million (CAD) on a capital project that will increase its drying capabilities from 140,000 tons annually to 220,000 tons, once the project is fully operational. The project will essentially double all outdoor equipment, which for Grand River is everything before the silo that feeds the pelletizers. The procurement list includes a biomass burner, dryer, and wet and dry milling. It will also see additional equipment added in to process larger-sized materials.

Grand River Pellet began operating in May 2019 and has quickly positioned itself as an important player in the Maritime pellet world. Grand River’s success is directly related to its role as a value-added consumer of sawmill by-products.

Located near J.D. Irving’s St. Leonard sawmill in northwestern New Brunswick and having access to Irving’s six other sawmills in New Brunswick—as well as one in Maine and a number of independent suppliers—provides Grand River with a steady supply of sawdust and shavings.

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