Upgrades to their Monterra Lumber Facility Helps Weston Forest Increase Mill Production

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Committed to growth: Monterra Lumber Mills gets an upgrade
As demand for lumber products rose dramatically in the summer last year, Weston Forest began looking for additional production capacity to add to their existing business. To meet the need for additional capacity, in August 2020, Weston Forest acquired Monterra Lumber Mill, a remanufacturing facility located in Bolton, Ontario from Claudio Tersigni. Tersigni continues to operate the facility for Weston. The Monterra Lumber Mills runs SPF lumber purchased from sawmills across North America, predominantly in Ontario and Quebec. Most of the wood is economy grade and No. 3 SPF kiln-dried lumber. The mill slices and dices the lumber into as many value-added products as they can, including 1×2, 1×3, 1×4 and 2×2 material for retail distribution yards in Ontario and the U.S., along with fence boards. The byproducts are made into industrial components, including bridging stakes, pallet and industrial lumber components. Even all of the wood waste, including sawdust, shavings and trimmings, is recovered and repurposed as animal bedding and mulch. Since Weston Forest acquired the mill, the company has added a new trim line and upgraded one of the ripsaws. They are also finalizing the installation of a new moulder, but there have been some delays in getting electrical parts to complete the installation. Thanks to the upgrades and reconfiguration of the mills floor plan, Weston has been able to increase the mills production capacity from 15 million feet of finished product per year to 20 million feet.

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