Resolute Forest Products Announces Reopening of Ignace Sawmill

Resolute Forest Products announced on Thursday (2-4-21) that they are going to reopen the Ignace sawmill, starting with one shift next week, and that is going to increase the on-site employment to about 25 people. Seth Kursman, Resolute spokesperson added they idled the sawmill in 2019 but kept a skeleton staff on hand, spending about $125,000 a month to maintain the mill. The company’s hoping to reach two and a half shifts over the next few months. This would increase the on-site jobs to about 60. However, with the woodland operators and contractors to support the operation, Kursman estimates about 180 jobs might be closer to the total for the area, as a result of the restart. Kursman noted the U.S. will remain the mill’s largest customer.

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Resolute set to restart Ignace sawmill