Koskisen Group Announces 48 Million Euro Investment in Kärkölä, Finland Facility

Koskisen Group, a family-owned Finnish sawmill and panel industry leader, has announced a 48 million Euro investment in Kärkölä, Finland. With production scheduled to start in the summer of 2023, the unit’s new annual production will initially be 400,000 m3 of softwood sawn timber.

The investment will increase the company’s annual net sales by tens of millions of Euros, a significant share of which is expected to come from export revenues.

In a statement, Koskisen Group’s CEO Jukka Pahta said, “This investment is the largest in the company’s history and extremely significant strategically speaking. The new production line, coupled with our major processing capacity, makes Koskisen’s Sawn Timber Industry one of the most competitive players in its field, with one of the highest degrees of further processing.”

Koskisen’s production facilities in Järvelä are Finland’s largest mechanical wood processing integrate, where Koskisen supplies almost 100% of the raw materials used in its own processes.

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Koskisen to build Euro 48 million wood processing unit in Finland