Even with Increased Production Australian Sawmills Struggle to Keep Up with Soaring Demand

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) continues to reassure builders and homeowners that they are doing everything possible to supply as much construction timber to meet soaring demand. AFPA CEO Ross Hampton said that the domestic timber industry supplies around 80% of the timber used in home construction and has ramped up production to keep up with the record demand. Hampton went on to say that, “Our sawmills around the nation have greatly increased production by adding shifts and are running flat out — some are producing up to 40% more timber than they were this time last year. But even this isn’t enough to keep pace with a tidal wave of demand as Australians are choosing to focus on improving homes or building new ones. This has also been driven by the post-COVID move to much more home-based working environments.” To that end Hampton said AFPA has asked the Federal Government to extend the Home Builder construction commencement time frame for all applicants to ease demand and allow more time for stock to be produced and delivered to builders. This does not need to cost the budget any more money but can take the heat of the market. Hampton went on to say that the short-term timber shortage we are experiencing highlights the urgent need for state and federal governments to work with the forestry and timber sector to ensure Australia can meet its future timber needs.

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Government asked to extend HomeBuilder deadline as Australian timber sawmills ramp up to supply record volumes