Georgia Legislature Takes Steps to Allow Mid-Rise Buildings Constructed of Mass Timbers

The Georgia Assembly on Tuesday (6/16) cleared the way for builders and developers to construct mid-rise buildings built mostly of wood. The bill which passed the state Senate on a unanimous vote, is headed to Gov. Kemp for his signature. The legislation asks that the state Department of Community Affairs (DCA) review a provision in the International Building Code that allows buildings constructed of “mass timber” to rise as high as 18 stories and recommend whether Georgia should adopt it. The state building code currently limits wood office buildings to six stories. The bill’s sponsor Senate Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee Chairman John Wilkinson, said the bill has the potential to boost Georgia’s timber industry, which already leads the nation in several categories. Forestry generates an annual economic impact of $36.3 billion and is Georgia’s second largest industry, accounting for 148,414 direct and indirect jobs, according to the Georgia Forestry Association.

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