IWBC 2021 — Virtual on October 26-27

The show must go on(line)

When the going got tough, we got creative

The pandemic put the business world on pause. For many, including the organizers of IWBC, this was a time to reflect, reassess, and regroup. As the world emerges from the pandemic, the need for the products and services IWBC exists to promote is stronger than ever. Our aim is to equal or better the live conference experience, and we’re doing this by using a sophisticated – but easy to use – conferencing platform to invite the wider world into your business offering.

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The Next Normal in Construction: How Disruption is Reshaping the World’s Largest Ecosystem

Nine shifts will radically change the construction industry value chain, according to a new report from McKinsey. For companies that react now, there is an opportunity to reap large rewards. The transformation has begun and is only being accelerated by COVID-19.

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Photo courtesy of Structurecraft. Video courtesy of McKinsey & Company