Senior Advisor, Asia, Economic Strategy Institute

Joel Fischl

Joel Fischl is an Asia specialist with over 30 years of government, trade, investment, and business development experience in the region. He has a particularly deep understanding of US-China relations, as well as a thorough knowledge of Asian economies and regional business practices.

Joel has worked as a Senior Advisor for Asia at the Economic Strategy Institute (ESI) since 2018, where he advises the ESI president on all economic, trade, cultural, and business issues in Asia. Joel provides in-depth research and analysis on current events, government policies, and strategic issues that affect the US-Asia relationship. His work also bridges the private and public sectors, as he works to arrange high-level meetings and briefings for the ESI president throughout Asia, at the ministerial and cabinet level, as well as with American chambers of commerce, Fortune 500 companies, and US Government officials.

Joel began his career as an Analyst/Investigator at the US Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration. He then worked as an International Trade Consultant for Georgetown Economic Services for several years before joining the US Foreign Service.

During his 20 years of service as a diplomat, Joel’s posts covered US Embassies and Consulates in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines. His leadership roles included Director of the US Department of Commerce’s Liaison Office to the Asian Development Bank and Chief US Commercial Diplomat at the US Consulate General in Shanghai.

Prior to joining ESI in 2018, Joel was the Managing Director for Asia at Authentix, Inc. in Manila, Philippines. In this capacity, he was responsible for business development, government relations, and project management throughout Asia, with a focus on China, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. He managed a diverse group of consultants, agents, partners, and distributors in the oil and gas industry.

Joel earned his BA in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and his MBA in International Business from Georgetown University. He speaks intermediate Mandarin Chinese. In his personal capacity, Joel serves as the U.S. Embassy liaison to Habitat for Humanity Philippines; a board member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, the Riyadh American Chamber of Commerce, and the American School in Japan; and an Advisor to the President/CEO of Food Bank Japan.

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