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Ernesto Wagner

A native of Chile, Ernesto Wagner is a Civil Engineer from the Catholic University of Santiago (1994), has a MSc degree from the same university (1995), and a PhD in Marketing from Oregon State University (2003) with a focus on forest products.

Over the years, Ernesto has had direct involvement in the sales and marketing of logs, sawn lumber, plywood, OSB and pellets with an amount exceeding US$ 700 million.

During the 1990s, Ernesto worked as project and marketing manager of a family construction firm in Santiago, Chile. Shortly after receiving his doctorate, he worked at a trading company in Portland, Oregon, which marked his start in international business.

Ernesto held several positions at Weyerhaeuser over a seven-year period, including Commercial Manager of Weyerhaeuser Products in Uruguay and Director for South America of Weyerhaeuser Solutions (a consulting firm of Weyerhaeuser).

Ernesto returned to Chile at the end of 2011 as the Deputy General Manager of the Tromen group, a company that had five sawmills plus a plywood factory, making it the third largest Latin American producer of sawn timber.

In 2016, Ernesto started his own company, V-W Ltda., where he created several trading programs for wood products from Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay, as well as leading engineering projects for various companies.

Most recently, Ernesto joined FEA, providing information and analysis on South American markets.

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