CEO, Timber Exchange

Amir Rashad

Amir Rashad started his career with Marosef, a Swedish trading company started in 1975 that has represented many leading Scandinavian brands in North Africa. He was responsible for the supply-chain diversification and expansion into Eastern Europe, Far East, and North America.

During his time at Marosef, Amir started the popular monthly market report named Timber Executive, which summarised actionable industry news throughout the timber supply-chain including production, logistics, and consumption of timber.

Currently, Amir leads Timber Exchange, which offers Smart Supply Chain Tools, B2B marketplace, and a Market Data Hub to the forestry industry. The Timber Exchange platform allows exporters, importers, and freight forwarders to jointly manage sales, logistics, and legal obligations in a digital workplace that automates all key processes, while significantly improving transparency and compliance.

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