Editor-in-Chief, Holzkurier

Gerd Ebner

A majority of the market reports are penned by Holzkurier’s editor-in-chief DI Gerd Ebner. He has been working for the Österreichischer Agrarverlag since 1996. Until 2001, Carinthia-born Ebner was responsible for establishing the timber specialist group on the German market. This function brought him to almost all continents on his many business trips.

Since July 2002, Ebner has been head of the wood specialist group of the Österreichischer Agrarverlag. He is now responsible for seven media reports in this role, including the key forest industry reports in timber-online.net and holzkurier.com.

The passionate sportsman charges his batteries during long racing and mountain bike tours across Europe as well as jogging trips through the Vienna Woods or in Carinthia, his home province. His next sporting ambition is a 1400 km bicycle race that will take him from London to Edinburgh and back.

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